Thursday, July 31, 2014

Less Stress, More Success

Carrying a full load of classes can be very stressful for students. This is especially true if they are balancing a job, family and other day-to-day responsibilities, like many students at Trident Tech. 

That's why the college is implementing a new 7-week compressed schedule or TTC's New Schedule for Success. Starting the Fall Semester, which begins on August 25, TTC will offer most courses in this 7-week compressed format.

In a compressed format, the semester is divided into 2 shorter terms within the semester. For example, instead of taking four semester-long courses, a student would take two 7-week courses at a time. That student still would complete four courses in a semester but would be juggling only two in each term.

There is much research that shows that students are more successful in compressed courses than in courses taught across a full semester. This means that a higher percentage of students finish with grades of A, B, C or SC (satisfactory). Additionally, students in compressed courses typically report greater satisfaction with their classes.

For a student, having fewer items on their list of responsibilities can bring make a huge impact on stress levels, translating into better grades and overall academic success.  

For more information, including sample schedules and FAQs, visit the New Schedule for Success website.  

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