Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Not so Simple Path

2015 Future Alumni Essay Contest
Kimberly Beach

I began my journey to becoming a nurse in the spring of 2013 at Trident Technical College. It was rumored that the nurses that graduate from Trident were more clinically prepared than other schools in the Charleston area. Soon after my relocation from California, I was astonished to receive an email that I was granted early acceptance due to merit and high scores on my entrance exams. Trident has helped me in attaining my goals by ensuring my confidence in patient interactions through providing a top of the line simulation laboratory, through experienced and knowledgeable faculty, and by acquiring the best clinical sites to provide a wide knowledge base. While walking this pathway, my confidence not only in education, but also in daily living has dramatically increased. Trident has challenged me but I have met this demanding curriculum in stride and was invited into the nursing honor society. This is exponentially vital to me in instilling morals and work ethic in my children.

My plan for the future is to graduate from Trident Tech with honors in December of 2015 and transfer to MUSC to acquire my bachelor’s degree in Nursing. After receiving my BSN I plan to spend the next five years working in critical care as well as emergency medicine in order to be eligible for application with Medu-care and become a flight nurse. I also have set a goal to receive my masters as a Nurse Practitioner of family medicine during the course of my five years as critical care and emergency medicine nurse. The continuance of my education in this field is paramount due to the constant alterations and additions to the field of medicine.

Upon completion of my education and establishment of my career, my goal is to give back to the college. My aspiration is to create a scholarship for single parents in the nursing program. I can attest to the trifles endured when pursuing a higher education, yet still attempting to remain actively involved in your children’s life. Time seems to be your enemy these days, there is never enough of it for all you need to accomplish; too little time to sleep, not enough time spent with your children and you are all they have, not enough time to work

and ends are not being met. It will be something I strive for to help parents not endure these obstacles, or at least minimize their effects. Numerous students have uttered the words, ”mom guilt,” when referring to their desire for a better education or career. Creating a scholarship for students to have some of the financial burden lifted that enables them to focus on their family and their studies could be the stepping stone to success.

I want to thank the committee for creating a scholarship in order to assist students that hold the goals to give back to the community once they have succeeded. All of our futures lie in the hands of the young. Though I may struggle now, one day very soon I will be stable and successful. These are traits that Trident Tech is instilling in my foundation. This base is something that will stabilize my family and build the groundwork in which my son will set the standard for his own goals. My hopes for the future are that I can create opportunities so that parents attempting an education or even contemplating going back to school, may have a support system that exceeds fiscal assistance. It is not an easy path I have chosen, attending nursing school as a single mother. Upon completion of my degree, this will be the greatest accomplishment of my life and I can thank Trident Tech for this.

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