Monday, November 23, 2015

Nursing Resource Center Helps Students Find Success

Kim Lifrieri was one the first student coaches to work in the Trident Technical College Nursing Resource Center in 2007. She was an adult student returning to college after 11 years with the US Postal Service.

“I came back to school with the goal of obtaining a brand new career in nursing,” says Lifrieri, “but the program was not easy, especially while fulfilling my role as a wife and mother to a young child.”

That’s where the Nursing Resource Center (NRC) came in. It serves as a quiet place to study, provides access to books and other study materials and is staffed by student tutors.

Kim Lifrieri and Deborah Turner
“I loved having access to the NRC,” says Lifrieri, “and later was very happy to help my fellow students through the tutoring progam.”

The NRC was started in 2006 with a grant from The Duke Endowment and Deborah Turner, director of the NRC, has been requesting TTC Minigrants every year since.

"Our students depend on the center every day," says Turner, "Minigrants are the

primary means through which we keep it stocked with the latest materials. Some years we do not get approved, so I am always eager to hear the announcement in October.”

The Minigrant program was started in 1991 and is funded by the college and TTC Foundation, through Annual Campaign and the faculty and staff Campus Campaign and the college. Each minigrant has a limit of $1,600 and in 2014-15, more than $123,000 was awarded. Applications are judged on student accessibility, safety or employee efficiency in serving students. They must directly benefit students and show positive outcomes.

Lifrieri credits the LRC for helping her graduate from the program, after which she went on to complete the Master’s program at Charleston Southern University. She came back to fulfill her student teaching hours and in 2013, she became full-time faculty.

“As I was doing my student teaching, I was reminded of how much faculty goes above and beyond to help students meet their goals and become nurses. I loved being a part of that and when a position opened, I jumped at it,” she says.

Turner is proud of her former student turned peer. She says, "Kim is a great example of someone who realizes the value of lifelong learning,” she says, “and now she passes that knowledge on to her students.”

As for this year’s minigrant application, Turner found out last week that her request was approved, along with 82 other applications for a total of $109,957.

“I am so happy that we were approved," says Turner, "The NRC helps so many our students reach their goals and Minigrants are a large part of that."

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