Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Future Alumni Essay Contest - Runner Up

The Creation of My Future
By Kalyn Judkins

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”  

-Malcolm Little

When a student in high school dreams about going to college, they think about going to big universities and having a dorm room and roommate. But that’s not always the plan, especially when major universities cost thousands upon thousands of dollars a year. Luckily, we have Trident Technical College here in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Although I am only just starting here, Trident Technical College has helped me in so many ways. Trident helps many students, including myself, by making college affordable. I can actually get the education I need for later in life at a cost my family can actually afford. Trident has also helped me by having experienced, passionate professors to teach us. Even though I have only had two classes so far, both of my professors were fantastic. I was extremely nervous about starting school again and they welcomed anyone and everyone to learn what they were truly passionate about. My English 101 teacher, Rachel Disney, was really amazing. I already planned on becoming an English teacher, but she really made me want to focus on that goal. She was very set on her goal of truly making us better citizens in our society. I really hope that one day I can be as great of a teacher as she is.

When I first came to Trident, I wasn’t quite sure what I planned on doing in the future; I had an idea, as I knew I had always wanted to teach, but I wasn’t quite sure what I really wanted to do. But once I actually started, and had a grasp on what I really liked learning, I finally realized what I wanted to do. Currently, I am working to get my Associates in the Arts from Trident. After I graduate from TTC, I plan to transfer to College of Charleston to major in Education and minor in English. I have always love teaching people and sharing my knowledge, and English comes very easily to me as I love grammar, reading, and even, ironically, essay writing. I know that Trident has many resources to help me reach my goals, and I can’t wait for the future.

Once I graduate from Trident Technical College, and finally become an Alumnus, the way I really plan to help is by getting people to actually attend TTC. Many people coming out of high school plan on going to major universities rather than community college and they just settle on paying for it by student loans. By persuading students to attend TTC, I would be saving them thousands of dollars and bring in future Alumnus for TTC. So far, I have really enjoyed attending Trident Technical College and I hope that other people will as well. 

All in all, Trident Technical College has really surpassed what I thought it was going to be like. There have been so many resources to help me reach my goal and so many influences to help me realize what that goal is. I really cannot wait for the future to start, and the first step is by being prepared for tomorrow. 

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