Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Leatherwood Legacy

Pictured (l-r) Angela, Gil, Mike, Linda, Nick, Brook, Bryon and Scott in front
of Leatherwood Manufacturing in North Charleston.
The Trident Technical College family mourns the loss of student, Bryon Leatherwood. In his honor, we would like to share a story from 2013, featuring Byron and others in his family who have attended TTC. The Leatherwoods are long-time supporters of the college and our thoughts and prayers are with them all during this difficult time.

What family traditions do you have? For Mike Leatherwood, president of Leatherwood Manufacturing in North Charleston, education at Trident Technical College has become an intergenerational family tradition. 

Leatherwood has been an on-going student since the early 1970’s. His two sons, Scott and Gil Leatherwood, are TTC graduates, as is Gil’s wife Angela. Scott holds two associate degrees in industrial technology and welding technology. Gil and Angela, who met at TTC, both graduated with associate degrees in electronics technology. Angela also has a TTC medical assistant associate degree. Third generation grandsons Nick and Bryon are enrolled in two-year associate degree programs in mechanical engineering, while granddaughter Brooke is enrolled in a two-year program in nursing. With all the cousins and four more grandchildren coming along, Mike says he will probably have enough TTC graduates to have their own college reunion. 

“There wasn’t a plan to establish a family tradition, it just happened,” Leatherwood said. “TTC offered and continues to offer career courses that are important to my business and to the future of my grandchildren. TTC is also affordable and offers almost any career path of choice.” 

Leatherwood’s business, which provides contract manufacturing services for the aerospace, military, medical, industrial and commercial industries, has relied heavily for 27 years on the training offered at TTC. “I’m always delighted to see job applicants who have attended TTC,” said Leatherwood. “This always gets my attention as I know they have received the proper training for their selected careers.” 

Over the years, Leatherwood has served on TTC’s academic advisory committees and now serves as a member of TTC’s foundation board. Mike and his wife Linda are strong supporters of TTC and are convinced that the college is the engine for economic development growth for the tri-county community. “Industry must have a well-educated and trained work force to survive and grow in today’s markets,” Leatherwood concluded.

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